Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cure to Drug Induced Hair Loss Can Be Found in the Vitamin Aisle

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At this time I am taking 16 prescription drugs for my MS and the complications that come with it. I suffer a wide range of side effects from them, but in my opinion the worst one is the massive hair loss. My hair comes out in bunches when I wash it, comb it, change clothes, even when the wind blows. It wasn't until I had lost almost all of it 3 years ago, that my neurologist let me in on a little secret - zinc. It stops hair loss from medication, I have know idea why, I just know it works!

When most of my hair fell out, I lost it. Everyone kept telling me, "It's just hair, it's no big deal." Well, I'm sorry. MS already took my legs, put me in diapers and I was only in my early thirties. Now it was taking my hair! Call me insecure, but I have a fat face, wear glasses and have at least 6 moles on my head. This is not a chick that would look cute bald. So as mass depression was setting in, I had a regular check-up with my doc and that's when he dropped his little bomb on me. One bottle of zinc and a week later, no more fall out!

Just pick up a bottle of zinc tablets in the vitamin and supplement aisle and take them as directed. I've been taking zinc for over 3 years now and have a full head of healthy, shiny hair. This did come with one unexpected condition for me however, since the day I was born my hair has been straight as a board, till it all fell out. Then I started taking the zinc and it grew back curly. Again I have no idea why this happened, but as a chick who always wasted money on perms that fell out - I was thrilled! I bought a flat iron! 

Three years ago I was on the verge of buying a wig when I discovered the answer to my prayers in the vitamin aisle. I know some people say it's just hair, but when you've already lost so much of yourself to your disease, sometimes it's really important to keep every little bit you can!

This information is meant to be informative and should never be used as medical advice. Always consult your physician before starting a new medication, even supplements.   


Just Becki - A Confused Mom said...

No way, it's not "just hair"! For some of us, no matter how vain, it's a part of our identity! My hair had thinned drastically after having my son and I got depressed too! I'll definitely be looking into using zinc from now on! I had no idea it helped!

Amy Albers said...

Wow! Glad you found something that worked for you and hope that others in the same situation get that knowledge. I'll be sure to share if I ever come across anyone dealing with the same thing.

bxcrochet said...

Good that you found something that worked.

Michelle F.

Joanna Sormunen said...

Congratulations on getting your hair back! I started loosing a lot of hair when I was bregnant and then nursing. I noticed that the vitamins helped too. It might be a small thing but sometimes the smallest things hurt the most. Blessings!

Tiffany Collins said...

I don't know if anyone can really understand what it is like to loose their hair until they actually do. I am so glad you were able to solve this with vitamins and not with a costly treatment. Kudos to you mama:)

Cristina Ramirez said...

Wow. I am so glad to hear you found a solution. My grandmother had MS so I understand the frustrations that come with long term illness. Keep on that highway to health!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

What an unexpected blessing and that's really neat that it came back with some curl to it!